MODA Holiday Card

MODA, the Museum of Design Atlanta, invited Atlanta artists and designers to submit ideas for Holiday cards. NOArchitecture submitted 2 designs and the Happy Reusable Holiday Card was chosen for printing.

These cards have been created without any interest in graphic design. We wanted to create a card that was generated from a purely rational system. Too often design is concerned solely with the way things look as opposed to how they were created or used. We wanted to find a new way of generating something as graphically charged as a holiday card.

The Happy Reusable Holiday Card is designed to be reused over and over. It gains more character the more it is used. Use all inside and outside surfaces for greetings or good wishes to the recipient. Then send on to the next person. For more holiday sentiment include an extra stamp.

The Cross Card was started with a pure graphic symbol at the top left, and proceeded to incrementally distort the original through a series of basic operations – shift, rotate, transfer, alternate, increase stroke, center and copy, repeat. Those operations were then fed back into a loop until we reached a “critical mass” of recognition.

The cross was chosen because of its inherent symbolism during the holiday season. The symbol of the cross is simple and undistinguished but has an enormous amount of meaning attached to it. In this case, the operations serve to reconstitute the symbol into a neutral form. Through these operations, an aesthetic emerges, automatically, while subverting the symbol of the cross as a graphic image.

In the end, we discover how beautiful the rational can be.

The Happy Reuseable Card can be purchased at the MODA website or gift shop.


Posted at 10am on 12/06/08 | Filed Under: Competition, Graphic Design