* photography by Erik Meadows

Superica, Mex-Tex by Ford Fry, is a project all about the details. This was a collaboration with New York design firm Parts and Labor. Custom light fixtures, masonry walls, rope ceilings, steel pivoting doors, and rebar shelves were integrated into a masonry and steel warehouse building at the Krog Street Market. The bar was an addition slipped below an existing steel shed roof, and a new brick wall divides the kitchen from the dining area. The exposed steel trusses were accented with a secondary steel frame, lighting, and rope laced through steel brackets.

Private dining is defined by masonry walls and custom steel doors. A wood platform was introduced where a ramp had existed for moving cast-iron stoves and skillets from the neighboring Stoveworks building, across the bridge over Krog Street and into the Krog Warehouse. The platform allows guests to view into the bridge or serve as a stage for live music.

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